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About Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris along with his history in photography.

Cory Parris Photography

Before anything else, we are a family. The Parris family to be exact. We have Cory, who is the dad and the main photographer. Leslie, the love of Cory's life and the Mom of the troupe. She is also Vice-President of the company and in charge of keeping Cory's photography spending habits from getting out of control. Next is Alyssa and her boyfriend Alex. They run a photobooth company (Alex+Alyssa) in addition to going to college full time. Alyssa also photographs weddings with Cory from time to time. The middle of the three kids is Kyler, who has more activities than any sane person, but still occasionally goes with Cory to shoots to give him a hand when he isn't busy with high school. Finally, there is Riley, who is in Junior High and has very little interest in the business at the moment, but we forgive him.

Cory became interested in photography in high school and since then has always photographed people and events. In college, he studied journalism and photojournalism. Then he met Leslie and life and priorities changed. Cory and Leslie started the business 1994. It slowly evolved into a full-time job and the main means of support for the family over the next few years.

Cory still uses the things he learned as a photojournalist in his photography all the time. He has a passion for telling a story with the photographs. He strives to capture the real emotion and the depth of feeling between the couple, their families, and their friends. He also works to create really beautiful images. We call it "Creating Emotional Photostories."

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Seattle Wedding Photographer and overall Photogeek, Cory Parris

Seattle Wedding Photographer and overall Photogeek, Cory Parris