At Work Series | Eric

I love the work that people do and the images I can create when I photograph people working. So, I'm going to start a new series with a real simple title, "At Work". So much of our identities are about what we do. It is quite often the first question we ask each other when we meet, quite often something we are passionate about, but something we rarely think to have photographed. My idea is that I want to photograph people as they would appear at work. Environmental portraits are something that I have developed a passion for. Using the environment and surroundings to tell a story of who the subject is and what they do. Eric is the President of ESM Consulting Engineers. He and his team plan big stuff. Things like housing complexes and malls. How cool is that? Here is Eric doing his work. Planning what appears to be a housing development.

environmental corporate photography

Family Portraits and the Art of Manipulating Children

Kids are funny. They are miniature adults in a lot of ways. They don't like to be told what to do anymore than adults do. Just like adults, they may do as they are told because they feel like they have to, or they will punished in some way if they don't (anyone have a job to know what I mean?). That doesn't make them happy about it. However, kids are much easier to manipulate than adults. You might want to say "convince to do what you want" if you don't like the idea of manipulating children. It all comes from the level of excitement and the possibility something may be fun. For this image, I convinced this young man into thinking that pointing at the birds and trees outside would be fun thing to do. I love the photograph of him doing something totally normal for kids that adults don't do - being excited to look out the window into his own yard. :)


This photograph was taken with natural light in his Kirkland home with a Canon 5D Mark III and Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens set to f1.8.

Patrick Dempsey | Tully's New Owner

I was fortunate enough to photograph Patrick Dempsey on the day he bought Tully’s. It was a very fun, slightly surreal experience. Here are a few places the images were used and the original image before cropping and sizing!

This ran in the print edition of the Hollywood Reporter. You can almost make out my byline on the right. Very cool.

The original image before cropping.

This one was the on the online edition of Time Magazine.

The higher resolution version. This was taken just before Patrick went into the store near Pike Place to do all his television interviews.

And finally, an image was used on the online edition of the Wall Street Journal. Very cool.

And one shot just because I liked it!

The C Family | Portrait Photography in Bothell!

One of my favorite things is to photograph the children of my wedding couples. It is so cool to see them as parents and meet their amazing little ones. With Heather and Eric, their wedding was featured a couple times in Cosmo Bride China of all places. Now they have a beautiful little girl that I had the great pleasure to photograph this past weekend. Check out some of the images!

baby portrait in bothell by portrait photographer cory parris

I love this one. She is so adorable.

seattle baby and portrait photographer cory parris

A grandma-made hat.

seattle baby and portrait photographer cory parrisbaby nose by seattle portrait photographer cory parrisbaby toes by seattle portrait photographer cory parrisbaby photographer cory parris in bothellfamily portrait by bothell portrait photographer cory parrisfamily portrait by bothell portrait photographer cory parrisfamily portrait by bothell portrait photographer cory parrisfamily portrait by bothell portrait photographer cory parrisfamily portrait by bothell portrait photographer cory parrisbaby and daddy hands

Little hands are so amazing.

baby portrait by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisbaby portrait by seattle wedding photographer cory parris

Happy! :)

The Rollins Family | Family and baby portraits in Seattle!

Hi photographed Stephanie and Kevin’s wedding a few years ago. When they came home for the holidays with a new baby, it was the perfect time for family portraits!

Elizabeth & Don | Wedding Portraits at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle!

Elizabeth and Don were married a couple months ago.  They decided they wanted a few portraits to supplement what they received from another photographer at their wedding.  We met at the Washington Park Arboretum on a beautiful, cold Fall day and took some portraits of the two of them and there adorable little one, Iris!

At the end, I handed Iris a card.  She agrees that everyone should hire me!  :)

Stephen–Executive Portraits in Woodinville!

Stephen needed some headshots on the Eastside, so I contacted Willows Lodge to see if we could come in and use their public areas for a few images.  They graciously allowed us to hang out for a couple hours and we created some new headshots for Stephen!  Very fun!

On this last image, we were creating a “Super Stephen” for his personal use, or if he needed to lighten up a presentation!  For the processing, I went for a comic book type of look.  Very fun!

Diana & Brad | Engagement Portraits at Washington Park Arboretum!

I met Diana and Brad down at the Arboretum at Washington Park in Seattle for their engagement portraits.  The area there is absolutely awesome for portraits.  Lots of variety, beautiful vistas, interesting relationships between the foreground and the background.  It may be a new favorite spot for portraits for me.  Also, I brought my wonderfully talented daughter along with me.  She created one of my favorite images of the day.  I’m very proud! 

Engagement portrait at the washington park arboretum in seattleengagement portrait underneath a tree with the water in the background by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisengagement portrait with laughing couple with trees in the background at washington park arboretumcouple walking in the trees by seattle portrait photographer cory parrisb&w engagement portrait in seattle by cory parriscouple in the trees for engagement portraits by seattle wedding photographer cory parriscouple portrait with grass, flowers and trees at the seattle arboretumcouple portrait at the arboretum in seattle by photographer cory parrisengagement portrait at freeway's end by seattle photographer cory parrisengagement portrait by seattle wedding photographer alyssa parris

This image was taken by my incredibly talented daughter, Alyssa Parris.  She has a grasp on composition that many photographers twice her age would happy to have.  I’m a little proud!

engagement portrait in the grass by seattle photographer cory parriscouple dancing in the grass by seattle wedding photographer cory parriscouple on the path to their weding by seattle photographer cory parris

This last image of Diana and Brad walking through the forest reminds me of one of my favorite images of all time, Eugene W. Smith’s “The Walk to Paradise Garden”.  You can see EWS’ fantastic image from 1918 on Sotheby’s website.

American Motorcyclist - My Image on the Cover!

Last year, I took some photographs of Rashmi Tambe for American Motorcyclist Magazine. They ran a small image of Rashmi that I took for them. They told me a couple weeks ago that they had run a couple more images in the May issue from that same session. It came today and one of my photographs of Rashmi is on the cover! They also used a second image larger than full page inside. Very cool. cover of american motorcyclist by seattle photographer cory parris

female motorcyclist for american motorcyclist magazine by seattle photographer cory parris

You can see Rashmi's writing on her website, Red Baroness!