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I have realized that I have not done a very good job of blogging about my finished products. So here's a few quick images. green-1.jpg First swatches from a new album company for me. From what I've seen, they are offering fantastic, unique albums that also have the side benefit of having fantastic customer service.

green-2.jpg I could I not go with an album company that uses leathers named things like "Biker Chic" and "Bank Heist"? I am currently planning an album for one of my couples with "Komodo Dragon" and "Passion", which is a textured deep brown and a beautiful deep lipstick red.

green-3.jpg This is Wendy and Matt's album from a company that I've feature the last couple years. An 8x12 leather album (light blue) with an inset photos shown here with the two 6x8 parent duplicate albums with a metallic dustjacket.



green-6.jpg This is a page from the book showing the stiff lay-flat pages.


green-8.jpg This is a hardcover proof book, which is an option to substitute for the box full of proofs. It's much more portable than carrying around a 12 pound box full of prints!

green-9.jpg Page detail of the proof book.

I'm going to take more photos of things before they leave the office from now on to share!

album designCory Parris