Bainbridge Island Wedding | Seattle Area Backyard Area

Maggie and Lyle had a beautiful Bainbridge Island wedding at her childhood home. Maggie grew up there with her sisters and her architect parents, and it is where Maggie and Lyle both professed their love for the first time. Truly a very special place for them! Wedding Planner: Alison Lum Rentals: AA Party Rentals Portable Restrooms: Royal Restrooms Catering: Simply Bainbridge DJ: Chris Lum Musician: Steve Nagle


Part of taking a ferry to a wedding in the Seattle area is the spectacular views along the way. bainbridge-island-wedding-02

Maggie's dress and brightly colored Saltwater sandals.bainbridge-island-wedding-03 bainbridge-island-wedding-04 bainbridge-island-wedding-05

Maggie coming up behind Lyle before they see each other for the first time.bainbridge-island-wedding-06 bainbridge-island-wedding-07 bainbridge-island-wedding-08

I appreciate the adventurous nature of Maggie and Lyle to go out to this muddy little spit of land for me to get a photograph of them with water on both sides. bainbridge-island-wedding-09 bainbridge-island-wedding-10 bainbridge-island-wedding-11 bainbridge-island-wedding-12 bainbridge-island-wedding-13 bainbridge-island-wedding-14 bainbridge-island-wedding-15

I love all the details at this wedding. Maggie and her staff, including wedding planner Alison Lum, did a spectacular job of making the home beautiful with little touches everywhere. bainbridge-island-wedding-16 bainbridge-island-wedding-17 bainbridge-island-wedding-18

The bridesmaids checking out the arriving guests. bainbridge-island-wedding-19

Pre-wedding lineup and prep. bainbridge-island-wedding-20

Maggie walked down the aisle by her mom. bainbridge-island-wedding-21 bainbridge-island-wedding-22 bainbridge-island-wedding-23 bainbridge-island-wedding-24

Maggie laughing during the ceremony. bainbridge-island-wedding-25 bainbridge-island-wedding-26

High five, flying flower petals and huge smiles. This is what weddings are all about! bainbridge-island-wedding-28 bainbridge-island-wedding-29

I love capturing candid moments during the reception. bainbridge-island-wedding-30 bainbridge-island-wedding-31 bainbridge-island-wedding-32 bainbridge-island-wedding-33

Another of the beautiful little touches around the wedding. bainbridge-island-wedding-34 bainbridge-island-wedding-35

Maggie's sister Emily and her husband Jeff were married in 2010. I photographed their wedding at the Woodmark Hotel. :)bainbridge-island-wedding-36

Maggie and Lyle reacting to speeches. bainbridge-island-wedding-37 bainbridge-island-wedding-38 bainbridge-island-wedding-39 bainbridge-island-wedding-40 bainbridge-island-wedding-41

Not to be left out, Maggie's other sister and her fiancee. bainbridge-island-wedding-42 bainbridge-island-wedding-43 bainbridge-island-wedding-44

It's always good to have friends willing to pick you up!bainbridge-island-wedding-45

I love the expression on this girl's face as she catches the bouquet!bainbridge-island-wedding-46 bainbridge-island-wedding-47 bainbridge-island-wedding-48 bainbridge-island-wedding-49 bainbridge-island-wedding-50And one final look at the Bainbridge Island wedding!