Birthday in October!

My Birthday was 5 months ago.  However, I received some presents from myself today!  I had to share my extreme excitement!box.jpg The Box.

boxopened.jpg Opened.  Leslie was amazed at my restraint in taking photos of the process rather than ripping open the boxes!

boxesofgear.jpg Here's what I bought.  Canon 5D with a 24 1.4L and a 135 2L.  Yummy!

out-of-the-boxes.jpg Unboxed.  To tell you how excited I am at this point.  It was effort not to shake with excitement.  For non photographers, you just won't understand!

riley.jpg First image with the 5D and 24 1.4L.  The eye is in focus and the rest just goes to beautiful out of focus area.  Amazing Bokeh!  (Bokeh is the uptight, artiste photographers way of saying, "the out of focus areas," and sounds like "bouquet".)

rileyremote.jpg Little Riley with his remote.

hippybus.jpg Remote control Hippy Bus as Riley calls it.

riley-window.jpg Riley standing inside with his remote smiling as he runs the hippy bus into my foot!  Taken with the 135 2L.

24.jpg The 24 taken with the 135L.  See the way it goes from sharp to out of focus so quickly and renders the background completely soft?  Hmm...Yummy bokeh.  Okay, did I ever say that I was not an uptight, artiste photographer?

coryphone.jpg Then Leslie and I went on a field trip to Starbucks, since I was clearly not going to get any work done for a while.  She took this of me on the phone with the 24.  I should sell it as stock!  Well...if I looked more like a model!

cup.jpg Leslie then shot the coffee cup.  Nice job.  She needs to come with me more often.  But then I'd have to share my toys!

cupofjoe.jpg Me giving the cup to Leslie.  I love the way I am so far out of focus.  Have you figured out why I bought these incredible lenses.  Let's say it together, "Nice Bokeh!"