Bothell vs. Ballard | High School Girls Soccer!

Years ago when I was in high school and college, I photographed a ton of sporting events. I loved it, and I was good at it. When I was an intern at the Everett Herald, I shot around 30 Seattle Sonics games. I still have some of my old newspaper clippings in a box somewhere. Eventually I moved on to documenting other fast moving social events (weddings).

Now my son, Kyler, is a 12-year-old student intern as a writer for I soccer blog focused on events in Washington. You can see some of his writing here. As part of his writing, I’ve been taking photographs of the people and events he is writing about. Our last outing was to the Bothell High School girls soccer team take on Ballard. Bothell ended up losing 3-2.


This was my favorite image of the day. A Bothell attacker jumping over Ballard’s keeper to avoid the collision!


We have known Bothell’s Keeper, Kristie Noble, for years. She is the daughter of Kyler’s former soccer coach starting when Kyler was around 7. She is now the starting goalkeeper for Bothell as a Sophomore!