Carly & Brian | Comment about their wedding album!

Here is the compliments that I received from Carly and Brian yesterday. Very cool of them to send this over!


Thank you for doing such an amazing job on our wedding albums!! You really are the best in the biz and we could not be happier with what you put together!! :o) We appreciate your attention to detail and care... it definitely shows. Wedding photographs are so special and important to have done right. You captured our wedding perfectly and with a beauty and grace that only you could create. The best part is that we get to relive the day over and over again because you did such a lovely job!! My mom took the parent photo album to work today to show off because she couldn't resist!! Her friends and colleagues are so impressed with what a fab product you put together!

We appreciate everything you put into being our wedding photographer and could not be happier that we found and hired you for the big day. Please know that we will absolutely recommend you to others as the best wedding photographer in Seattle!! You will always be a part of our special day and we sincerely thank you for absolutely everything. :)

Take care and hopefully talk to you soon, Cory!

Carly and Brian Twiggs

Here is my favorite image from their wedding during the toast that Brian's brother gave! You can see their wedding images from Shilshole Bay Beach Club at the original blog post here! bride and groom react to best man speech at shilshole bay beach club