Casey & Kim

Casey and Kim were married on December 29, 2006 at Newport Covenant Church.  It was a fun wedding and reception featuring a song written and sung by Kim (which is on the slideshow) and a Michael Jackson dance!  You can see the slideshow here!165.jpg Kim & Casey having fun before the wedding! 179.jpg A night time portrait (it gets dark at 4:30 now) 300.jpg Kim singing to Casey during the ceremony - you can here it on the slideshow! 428.jpg Kim during her introduction below the video screen! 4481.jpg Love is good! 5621.jpg A detail during the first dance. 571.jpg Kim and her dad dancing and watching the video montage of the two of them together. 599.jpg Casey as Michael Jackson 648.jpg Rubber chicken?  Garland?  Flowers?  They all came from under the dress.  He did eventually find the garter as well. 735.jpg

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