David & Kellie's Photographs!

David and Kellie had a beautiful wedding Saturday.  The ceremony was at the gorgeous chapel at Villa Academy in Seattle.  The reception was at the newly remodeled and renamed Hotel Deca in the University District.  You can see the slideshow and complete wedding here.  Let me know what you think! dk-1.jpg The dress haning from the balcony door. dk-2.jpg Kellie's look of relief and joy when the missing ear rings are found! dk-3.jpg Window light portrait of Kellie. dk-4.jpg David's father and nephew. dk-5.jpg Ring bearer and crying flower girl (a bit shy), walking down the aisle. dk-6.jpg The ring exchange. dk-7.jpg I love the way David is just resting his fingertips on his wife's shoulder. dk-8.jpg The first dance. dk-9.jpg The WSU fight song.  Oddly enough, the only fight songs I've seen at weddings have been for WSU. dk-10.jpg The fist pump from David!

WeddingCory Parris