David, Maureen & Family

I love being the part of so many weddings. It is a celebration for bride and groom and, also, their families. I just received this thank you from a sister of the groom.

Cory, What an AWESOME job you & Matt did at my brother David's wedding! I'm the sister from MN. We flew in to surprise David & attend his wedding to Maureen. As I said, you did a GREAT job! It was so much fun with you 2 running around snapping pics here, there, everywhere! I have a couple photos of each of you on my camera still. You are such hams! Thanks for making their day so terrific & memorable & for taking the incredible photos for all to enjoy! Thanks again! Beth Reed

Above is a photograph I took of Beth kissing her brother, David. You can see David and Maureen's images here! I also just received a note from David and Maureen.

Over and over again, from family, friends, and co-workers, we have heard (and agree!) about what a wonderful and amazing job you and Matt did. One woman wrote "There are so many great pictures. I also love the picture of you and Maureen after the ceremony when you are looking at your ring and then you are looking at each other...SO great! Your photographer really captured emotions. I wasn't even there and I still could feel how happy you guys were." She also said to me that you have a great sense of timing - where most photographers would click the shutter at a certain point, you seemed to wait and then captured the moment. You were a joy to work with, and honestly we didn't notice you, just like we asked. We look forward to seeing the proofs and the eventual album - we have our work cut out for us, as there are so many images that move us and speak to us. Thank you.
David and Maureen

My job is great!