Easter with the kids!

We went to an Easter egg hunt with the kids on Saturday in Mill Creek. easter-1.jpg

The "hunting" was a not exactly difficult!


And they're off!

easter-3.jpg Evidently 30 seconds inside a fire truck IS worth a 20 minute wait! I must have forgotten.


easter-5.jpg Riley, avoiding the camera. Or trying because Dad is sneaky and good at catching him!

easter-6.jpg Ky looking through the bushes.

easter-7.jpg Alyssa with her eggs.

easter-8.jpg The bounce house is a source of four-year-old joy!

easter-9.jpg Easter morning baskets included light-up duckies.

easter-10.jpg Look at my new Dynaco (from the Cars movies) helicopter!

easter-11.jpg She found it!

easter-12.jpg The love of my life, the amazing and gorgeous Leslie Parris. She makes everything in my life better and sweeter! The sweeter thing is true in two ways because she likes to bake!

easter-13.jpg I don't remember getting cash on Easter when I was a kid. Leslie's parents always fill the plastic eggs with change and bills, however. A few years ago they were losing the candy-filled eggs. The squirrels near their house would take the eggs up the tree, open them, remove the candy and throw down the shells. Smart little guys. Asking for a refill never hurts, either.

easter-14.jpg A little egg dye.

easter-15.jpg Time to relax.

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