Gio Tournament | Soccer to Benefit Special Olympics

Every year a local soccer team has a charity tournament. The Gio Tournament was to help out a local soccer family. Now, it benefits Special Olympics. Trent Schultz, the coach of my son's team this year, is the driving force behind the Gio tournament. That means that my family was involved for the first time this year. I went with just a single camera and a 50mm lens. I intended to shoot all b&w. Here are some favorite images of the day. 01-special-olympics-soccer

Trent, the driving force behind the soccer fundraiser.

02-special-olympics-soccer 03-special-olympics-soccer

My son, Kyler, before the game.

04-special-olympics-soccer 05-special-olympics-soccer 06-special-olympics-soccer 07-special-olympics-soccer 08-special-olympics-soccer 09-special-olympics-soccer 10-special-olympics-soccer

Trent and his college roommate and teammate, Kasey Keller, goalkeeper extraordinaire of the Seattle Sounders and the United States National Team. Now he is a commentator and a guy that shows up to charity events to make the day of my two boys who are also keepers!


11-special-olympics-soccer 12-special-olympics-soccer 13-special-olympics-soccer 14-special-olympics-soccer 15-special-olympics-soccer 16-special-olympics-soccer