Hard Rock Seattle!

I have a very good friend that is a manager at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle. Mat (pictured below) is not only a restaurant manager, but also a very talented wildlife photographer. If you happen to visit his site, you will see wildlife of the animal kind just to be clear. He invited my family down for a friends and family preview of the cafe, which was very cool. We also got a guided tour and my daughter was thrilled to be able to pick a couple songs to be played. The location and view from the rooftop deck is fantastic. Oh, and the food was good. I recommend the granny smith apple & provolone burger! :) The official opening is on Wednesday, February 10th. hard rock cafe seattle

the fender guitar hard rock cafe sign in seattle

The touch screen at the table

Alyssa rockin' the Hard Rock Stage

Mat, the manager at the Hard Rock.  Thanks for the invite, dude!

View from the rooftop deck

View from the rooftop deck of the hard rock seattle

View from the rooftop deck of the hard rock seattle

the upside down fender guitar sign at the hard rock seattle

Hard Rock Seattle sign near pike place market

The kids and the sign