ISPWP Winning Images!

The ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) is a very cool organization. They only let in the best photographers, require you to have photographed 50 weddings as the primary photographer, and you have to get past the membership committee as they scrutinize your work for quality. I liked the idea of the ISPWP so much that I joined and volunteered to be a member of the membership committee. Then they had a contest and I entered nine images and eight of them placed! groom-portrait-1st.JPG




ispwp-9th-reception.JPG I think the critique of this image is funny. I thought it was cool that you could see the Space Needle on the left and I purposely shot the image so the Space Needle would be visible!

bride-and-groom-portrait-10th.JPG I was very happy to place in this category as I figured it would have the most entries and the most outstanding images.