Jenny & Tony | Seattle Wedding at St. James Cathedral and the Arctic Club!

Jenny & Tony were a great couple to photograph!  Very fun, expressive and with entertaining friends and family.  They also chose a couple places with amazing ceilings!  The wedding was at St. James Cathedral and the reception was at the Arctic Club Hotel in the Northern Lights Dome Room.  Check it out!

I love weddings, photography, cameras and guitars.  I loved this eight string jazz guitar.  :)

How funny is this?  Stuffing a bunch of people into a photobooth!

One of the fun things about wedding photography is when you are surprised.  I didn’t know about the glow stick dance, and I had to figure out a way to get the cool trailing lights of the glow sticks and the green lights from the DJ and still be able to freeze the movement enough to identify faces.  Very fun!