Kaz - World's Strongest Man

Bill "Kaz" Kazmaier came to the Bothell YMCA last Friday. StarTrac, the exercise equipment company that sponsors Kaz's tour, hired me to photograph some of his "strong man" activities.019.jpg

040.jpg Talking to a small volunteer.

053.jpg Lifting a child with one finger. The event was open to the public and my family (well, the boys) decided they had to go see the World's Strongest Man. And my daughter made herself useful by holding an umbrella during the bus pull!

059.jpg Here Kaz is rolling a frying pan up with his hands! Um...I don't think I can do that.

121.jpg Pulling a bus full of kids in the pouring rain with the "help" of the YMCA's COO.

171.jpg Signing a rubber duck for my youngest!