My first Billboard!

billboard.jpg Here is the first billboard I've ever had!  I've been published in newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, websites, corporate reports, and lots of other places, but never a billboard. It was fun (even though they wanted spot-color).  If you have seen the American Family Insurance commercials on television, you will probably have noticed the black and white images with their signature colored red roof.

I went to the Mill Creek American Family Insurance office and took the group portrait, knocked out the background, removed one person from the photograph, converted to black and white, added the spot color and did the layout to fit in with their existing design scheme.  For the Photoshop users out there, I used a gradient map to get the color and the texture of the ties and scarves.  When I find out where  the billboards are (I think there are going to be 10 around Snohomish county), I will post a photo of the actual billboard!

portraitCory Parris