My Ring….

When we were first married, both my wife and I were working as servers at the Olive Garden.  We didn’t have a lot of money and we were saving it for important things like a honeymoon and starting a business.  Our rings weren’t really that big of deal to us.  We just wanted something to show that we were married.  Over the last 17 years our rings had taken a lot of abuse.  Especially Leslie’s rings.  Her engagement ring fell apart a couple of years ago and her wedding band snapped a couple months ago.  We decided that we would get new rings.  We went looking at new rings one time.  I saw some different things that I liked.  I spent a day or two online and bought a ring.  Leslie has bought and returned five rings.  Now she is thinking that she will just move a ring that I bought her a few years ago to the other hand and call it good.  So…here is my new ring.  If Leslie ever gets a new ring, I’ll photograph it, too!

My Ring by Seattle Photographer Cory Parris