New 50 year-old camera!

Check out the "classic" I picked up.  It is a Petri 35 made by the Kuribayashi Camera Corporation in the late 50's.  It seems to be in fully working condition.  I can't wait to run a roll of film through it.  It will be the first roll of film I've shot in almost four years! petri-4.jpg The original leather case has seen better days! petri-3.jpg Leslie actually commented that it looked good enough that people might not realize how old it is! petri-2.jpg Shutter speeds of 1/10 to 1/200 plus "B".  Definitely can't change the settings without looking at the camera! petri-1.jpg I actually love the fact that someone took the time to engrave their name on the camera!  Also notice the exposure scale on the top.  No built in meter here.  In fact the exposure scale is for 50 ASA film.  They barely make anything that slow anymore!

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