Oregon Coast Portraits

Every year my wife's family spends a week at the Oregon Coast. This year we had around 35 family members down there. Because of my wedding shooting schedule, we didn't have as long as we normally do for the vacation. So this time, we had all the family that wanted portraits to come down to the beach at the same time for some quick-fire mini portrait sessions. Here are some of the Oregon coast portraits all taken in an hour! oregon-coast-portraits-01 oregon-coast-portraits-02 oregon-coast-portraits-03 oregon-coast-portraits-04 oregon-coast-portraits-05 oregon-coast-portraits-06 oregon-coast-portraits-07 oregon-coast-portraits-08 oregon-coast-portraits-09 oregon-coast-portraits-10 oregon-coast-portraits-11 oregon-coast-portraits-12 oregon-coast-portraits-13 oregon-coast-portraits-14 oregon-coast-portraits-15 oregon-coast-portraits-16 oregon-coast-portraits-17 oregon-coast-portraits-18