Seattle Engagement Portraits | Randi & Matt

Randi and Matt met me at their favorite coffee place on Capital Hill at Stumptown Coffee for a Seattle engagement portrait session. Then we walked around Capital Hill before going to Kerry Park for views of the Space Needle. seattle-engagement-portraits-016 seattle-engagement-portraits-015

Stumptown Coffee engagement portraits through the window.seattle-engagement-portraits-014 seattle-engagement-portraits-013 seattle-engagement-portraits-012 seattle-engagement-portraits-011 seattle-engagement-portraits-010

Dancing on a steaming soccer field when the rain stopped.seattle-engagement-portraits-009

I love this wall! seattle-engagement-portraits-008 seattle-engagement-portraits-007 seattle-engagement-portraits-006 seattle-engagement-portraits-005 seattle-engagement-portraits-004 seattle-engagement-portraits-003

Kerry Park engagement portrait with a view of the space needle. seattle-engagement-portraits-001