Superbowl and geeky photographers!

What do geeky photographers do on superbowl sunday? They get together, take photos of the beer, check out the minimum focusing distance on their lenses and eat. Oh...and we did watch the game, too. It was my friend Mat, wedding photographer and restuaranteer, and Chad who runs the US operations of the Fotolia micro-stock agency. Oh, and our families were there, too! chips.jpg Chips & salsa. Tastes good, but makes you thirsty.

beer1.jpg AAhhh...much better.

eye.jpg Leslie assisting me with showing off the minimum focusing distance of my 35mm f2 prime lens. She loves to have her photograph taken. j/k

beer2.jpg Think globally, drink locally. Just to reassure everyone, I don't drink much or often. Two is pretty much my limit as I've developed a bad case of "lightweightedness".

All the photographs above were taken with a Canon 30D and 35mm f2 lens. I had a great time watching the game. My guess was 27-24 Colts, which wasn't too far off. Mat did a little better with 34-17 Colts. Chad, however, was way off with his 48-7 Bears theory!

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