The Oregon Coast

So I'm in the midst of my annual summer vacation. Here are a few images. I'm still available by phone and email!01.jpg I love this image of my youngest showing off how high he can kick!

02.jpg For those of you that don't know, Leslie loves ice cream. It was all we could do to keep her from hijacking the truck!





09.jpg My middle showing off his amazing Tae Kwon Do skills. He has two stripes on his white belt, so y'all better watch out!

10.jpg The guy in orange is my brother-in-law, Scott. He finished up his doctorate in biochemistry this week. Way to go Doctor V.!

11.jpg A lovely portrait of me. This is included on this blog post for my mother. :)

14.jpg And a photo of my father-in-law. Most patient man in the world.

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