They called me a god!?!?

Okay.  Jessica and Scott were a great couple to photograph and I had a blast spending the weekend up on Orcas Island.  I knew she was happy with her photographs, but I cruised over to her website and found out that she referred to me as a god.  With godhood being a new state of being for me, I thought I'd share!  Here is the complete text as seen on their website!


Cory Parris posted our pictures!!!!!!

And yes, I did click the next-button-that-moves hundreds of times to see them all (before thinking to write a greasemonkey script to just autoplay them).

And yes, I have checked Cory's blog every morning since the wedding in bed on my phone, just in case he'd posted them and forgotten to email or call or send telekinetic messages.Cory Parris is the God (in a polydeity world) of clouds, light, people's expressions, humor, visual story-tellng, and he can move the trees' shadows. The clouds in my photos never cooperate or manage to reflect the mood of the scene quite like Cory's. I know they're the same clouds, but somehow... And the light! However he managed to bend the trees to cast shadows only where he wanted and not all over people's faces I disunderstand.

Cory captured everyone there not just looking happy as people are meant to at wedding, but he captured almost every other emotion (that can be found at a wedding): joy, that happy-sad crying, a forced smile, nervousness, stress, smug satisfaction, wild drunkeness, obliviousness, relief, amazement, hunger... But it's not just people's faces Cory captured, he also took the opportunity to capture the whole situation. Which brings us back to Cory Parris: The Master Story-Teller, In Pictures.

Thanks to Jessica and Scott for their sense of humor as well as the fun and dramatic writing style!  You can see their slideshow here! 0617.jpg