Umbra Cuscinetti | Business and Editorial Portraits in Everett!

Now for something completely different. I love my job of photographing weddings. However, I started photographing weddings because I just loved photography. I started out as a photojournalist and I think a lot of that storytelling aspect continues in all the photographs that I take. Whether it is of a wedding, a child’s portrait, or, in this case, the story of a business at work.

I was commissioned by Umbra Cuscinetti to take photographs of some of their executives and workers for promotional purposes. They also had me photograph some of the work in action. They make precision parts for Boeing and other companies.

I have to say that I’ve always loved taking (and viewing) photographs of people working and making things. People spend so much of their life at work, but most of the time those thousands of hours are boiled down into one short sentence. “I am a photographer (machinist, architect, framer, construction worker, networking specialist, etc.)” I love to see what people do, create and produce as well as the effort and pride that goes into it. With this job, I was able to photograph some of that.

One of the great things I about being a photographer is the great variety of things I wouldn’t have had a chance to see and the meeting people I wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to meet. Very cool!

And a couple samples of the more traditional business headshots I created for them.