Vote for our Gallery Wrap Sample!

My wife and I are having trouble deciding what we want on our wall to show off our cool, new gallery wrap print option. Gallery wraps are giclee printed onto canvas and stretched around a wooden frame with the image actually wrapping around the frame. Then it is hung without any other frame. Very cool. Anyway, back to the point. We have these photographs of our kids. We are planning on having one printed as a 24x36 and hung here at the house, which also doubles as the studio showroom. Since we can't make a decision, we thought we would ask our faithful readers to vote for their favorite. I also found this little voting poll gadget to make it easy!


#1 - The horizontal


#2 The goofy vertical


#3 - the Feet


#4 - Skip the 24x36 group photo and get three 20x30 individual portraits.