Seattle LDS Temple - Mormon Wedding Venue

Seattle LDS Temple wedding photography. With the lovely grounds, the temple provides an excellent space for mormon weddings and family portraits. Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.

Seattle LDS Temple

The Seattle LDS Temple is located in Bellevue and is the main wedding venue for Mormons in the greater Seattle area. It also has very nice grounds for the photography. While there is no photography during LDS ceremonies, it is common for couples to have their familes and friends in attendance to greet them as they come out of the temple. This can make for some great candid moments and a good time for the family portraits on the grounds. They have a stand of trees, manicured gardens and large grassy areas on the grounds. It is also quite close to Robinswood Park and the rest of Bellevue for more portrait locations. You can see my images below!