Recommended Vendors

Other Seattle area wedding vendor recommendations by photographer Cory Parris

Resources and Recommended Vendors

We love the vendors that we work with at weddings. Over they years, we have met people that have made our life and business better. Here are some of them. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Just a few folks that we liked and had fun with. You can find wedding venues and reception locations on the Venues page

Seattle Caterers

Here are some of the caterers that I have enjoyed working with at weddings. A tasting is always fun and a very good idea. Listed in alphabetical order. 


A Platinum Event
Herban Feast
Jewel Hospitality
Ravishing Radish
Tom Douglas Catering
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes

Food Trucks

Dante’s Inferno Dog
Marination Food Truck
Molly Moon Ice Cream Truck



Because they like to be called cinematographers rather than “video dude”.

Aaron Horton Productions
Bogle Productions
Playfish Media



Black House Flowers
Flora Nova



This is a category that I highly recommend looking into. Nothing transforms a ballroom or other neutral space as much as some professional lighting. A lot of DJ’s also offer offer a lighting package for the space beyond the dance floor.

Greenlight Events