business headshots & portraits

Images to tell the story of your business. Who you are, what you do and the great people that do the work.


Business portraits come in many flavors. They can be very traditional in a studio style environment or more of an environmental portrait or something in between the two. I divide my business portraits in to three different categories. Sometimes a project will be about more than the just the portraits. For examples of similar types of images, or just to see more images, look at my corporate photography and editorial photography pages. 

Studio Headshots

Studio business portraits are all about removing the world so that the focus of the image is on the subject of the photograph. It is a more formal and traditional way to use headshots which may be a good fit with your business image and brand. We bring the entire studio to your office including the lights and backgrounds.

Cinematic Business Portraits

Cinematic business portraits use the real world only as a background. Using a shallow depth of field, the subject pops off the background. This lets the image be about the subject, but with a little more visual interest. These are sometime Bokeh portraits, which is the Japanese word to describe the quality of how the out of focus areas are rendered in a photograph or lens used to make the photograph. We, however, think cinematic captures the feel of the portraits and the idea of creating an artistic piece as a headshot.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits use the place they are taken to help the story of who you are and what you do. Commonly used in magazines and websites where the goal is to feature the subject of the portrait in relation to the business or what the article is about. The environmental portrait visually explains why the subject of the images in important to the story that we are telling whether that is for a magazine article or the company website. I commonly call these executive portraits because they are quite often of the CEO or other company officer.