3 kids...

I've been photographing this family for the last 7 or 8 years.  It amazes me each time I see them how fast they grow!  For each of the kids, I am posting one cute image and one of them goofing off.  Kids like to do that!hb-001.jpg

I love the expressions on this one.  Little Claire loves to stick out her tongue.


No shortage of personality in this child!


I asked her if she thought she was funny or if she knew she was funny.  Of course, she said she knew it!


Riley giving me a look.


After he fell on off the chair and onto his rump, I took this image.  I always laugh after I fall off my chair, too!


Aidan, being the oldest, got off a great image on the first click.  Just trying to show up the others, I guess!


Not too old to have fun, though!