I'm having a photo contest!

As one of my sideline activities, I have a couple educational websites for professional and aspiring wedding photographers.  Over at the Wedding Photography Project, I currently have a contest to win a photo bag.  Anyone is welcome to enter!  Below is the post from the WPP.

This website is all about teaching each other cool tips, tricks, techniques and philosophies.  So here is our first contest to convince people to send me some cool tips, tricks and techniques.

Send me a cool photo (c@coryparris.com) that you took at a wedding.  Include with it a short paragraph about how you shot and processed it.  If I like it, I’ll publish it.  If it’s the best entry (judged solely by Cory Parris, no complaining), meaning that you have a really cool photograph and included some cool thoughts or ideas on how you did that could help another photographer, then you win a brand new Boda Bag!

To show you what I mean here is an entry from me (I’m not going to judge myself the winner - I already have a Boda).

wpp-sampleentry.jpg I took this photograph at Hill’s Resort in Priest Lake Idaho.  The couple loves the lake and mountains, so I had them go out on the dock and used a telephoto lens (85mm on a 30D) to compress the distance between the couple and the mountains in the background.  I used a small aperture (f7.1) to have some detail and definition in the mountains.  When I processed this, I used a neat trick that I just discovered.  For the last few years, when I want the colors to really pop, I create a duplicate layer and change the blending mode to “Overlay”.  This time I sandwiched a black and white layer in between the original layer and the Overlay.  This created the high-contrast, desaturated and intense look.

Here’s the prize.


I can’t wait to see your entries!