Alyssa's Play night!

My 11 year-old daughter is an amazing actress!  Great expressiveness, exuberance and timing for anyone, let alone a fifth grader!  Her is a few of her in action and some of the rest of the family from last night. a-play-01.jpg The little man sat mostly still for two hours! a-play-02.jpg Here she is playing the part of a racist waitress in the Marin Luther King, Jr. play (it was originally canceled due to snow, so they put it on last night).  She was scarily convincing.  We're hoping she gets a little bit lighter part in the Lion King play coming up later this year.  But, how could she not! a-play-03.jpg


a-play-05.jpg Playing the role of a five year-old for a radio-theater play.

a-play-06.jpg Mr. Rhoades is a wonderfully creative teacher that works hard to make learning interesting, fun and challenging.  Here he is acting in one of the Radio Theater plays.

a-play-07.jpg Ky enjoyed the show and was laughing hard at a couple of the radio theater plays.

a-play-08.jpg Gaga Judy laughing at the boys.

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