Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day running from class to class and party to party!070214-4068.jpg Here's the adorable, charming first grader! 070214-4099.jpg My youngest has decided he doesn't like to have his photograph taken.  Obviously this is painful for me! 070214-4123.jpg Yum.  Kids with sugar highs...Whoo Hoo! 070214-4128.jpg My wonderful wife.  I couldn't be happier that she's agreed to be my Valentine yet again!  Her favorite hobby is baking (we give most of the goodies away to avoid becoming huge), so she got a few gadgets.  Sounds like a lame hubby gift, but it really is what she likes!  She gave me a night out coming soon with tickets to see the Buddy Holly story on the 5th Avenue.  I love music and plays, so it's perfect for me! 070214-4152.jpg 5th grade and going on high school! 070214-4168.jpg Blindfolded and swinging a bat...I told her teacher just to take her glasses away. 070214-4213.jpg I love it when they are small enough to have to look straight up to see your face!