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Seattle Marketing Portrait | Magarita for Liftoff.io

Liftoff.io had me photograph Margarita for their “Mobile Heroes” series. This combined marketing effort showcases how individuals use the Liftoff and other mobile marketing channels to get traction in a competitive field. You can read Margarita’s Mobile Heroes piece or an article she wrote for them that both feature the portraits from our session together. I really liked how some of these came out to show not only Margarita, but also the brand she was working for at the time.

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Magazine Photography | Air Cargo World Magazine

A few months ago, I photographed Sarah Rhoads, head of Amazon’s Prime Air, for Air Cargo World Magazine. It was a great experience for me to be able to photograph her in the Amazon Spheres in Seattle. She is a former fighter pilot that is now Air Cargo World Executive of the Year. Below is the magazine layouts as well as some of my favorite photographs from the session

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