Engagement Portrait Album Sample!

I decided a while back that I love really cool photo albums.  I know this is shocking coming from a wedding photographer, but there you have it!  Anyway, I love doing engagement portraits.  They are fun, show the real personalities of a couple and are usually some pretty cool images.  So I thought about what I would want of casual photographs of Leslie and I.  What I came up with was a small, hand-made, leather-bound album.  The way I designed this was very simple with the image on the left side and white space on the right.  That way, it can be used as a guest book as well as a beautiful rememberance of your engagement.  I also plan to use this sort of simple design and book size for photographs of my kids.  Now, I just have to find the time to work on my personal photographs....hmmm. 01.jpg

Here is the leather cover.  With my sample, I put my logo on the front.  I like my logo, but I'm guessing my wedding clients are going to go with their names on the cover!


You can see the simple, clean layout here.


Another photograph of the cover sitting on my coffee table.  Once I get the kids' photos into one of the books, I think I will leave it there.  It is also a pleasure to hold.  Sometimes when you pick up a piece of paper, or a nice business card, you notice the feel and texture to it.  This is like that in how it fits well into the hand, and has that pleasurable feeling of holding a book that you are excited to read.  Or, maybe it's just me that notices that stuff! 04.jpg

Here is a closeup of the binding.  Thick, high-quality pages with a traditional book binding.


Here is a detail of the pages.