Explore Bothell - City of Bothell Tourism | Corporate Photography

I recently had a great opportunity. I was selected to photograph images to promote tourism for the City of Bothell and their website ExploreBothell.com. The project is being done by Red Propeller. They have not yet updated the website with the new images, but they said it was okay for me to share them now. This set is from my first day of shooting for ExploreBothell.com.

The Burke Gilman trail runs right through Bothell.

Couple at Preservation Kitchen in Bothell

Couple on the patio at Preservation Kitchen

Couple at the Hop and the Hound

Couple at Jantee Bistro in Bothell

Couple buying wine at Jantee Bistro and Bottle Shop

Couple shopping at Country Village

Guy waiting as his wife shops

Couple at Bon Sejour Home store in Bothell

Bon Sejour Home store

Country Village

The Hop and the Hound

Bridge over Sammamish river in Bothell