Jessica & Dave - Engagement Portraits at Gasworks!

Beautiful night at Gasworks park by Seattle wedding and portrait photographer Cory ParrisIt was a beautiful evening at Gasworks Park where I met Jessica and Dave last night.

engaged couple in the gasworks

engaged couple with seattle in the background

engement portrait in seattle with long shadows

couple portrait at gasworks park in seattle as photographed by cory parris photography Right after Jessica told me she wasn't much of a photo person (as in doesn't like to be in photos), she threw her head back like this without any prompting. Yeah. She's horrible for photos. :)


couple portrait on lake union by seattle wedding photographers cory parris photography

Couple portrait featuring the gasworks at gasworks park in seattle

sunset photo of couple on the hill with clouds This may be my favorite photo of the day. Very cool light and (in my humble opinion) a really nice piece of wall art that also features Jessica and Dave.


104.jpg Using the radiopoppers again. Toys are fun.