Molly Walking | Rose Hill Community Center Wedding


Today's picture of the day come from Molly and Charles' Rose Hill Community Center Wedding.

For this image, I was trying to create a cool, special image using a very plain hallway. Molly and her dad were going to be walking down this hallway to the side of the room, then hanging a left to go meet Charles waiting in the middle. There was a tree-like decoration covered in white lights. While I was waiting for things to be done, I was looking for things that I could shoot through to give some more depth to the photograph.

I should back up for a minute to give you some more of my thought process while I shoot. Images have three possible layers. They always have at least two. The subject and the background. The foreground layer is quite often not there or does not play a significant role in the image. For this particular image, I looked around for what I could use for a foreground that would add the additional layer and complexity to the image. With the while holiday lights in the foreground, this image was elevated from decent or maybe slightly boring for anyone not attached to Molly and her family into something that I think just looks cool as well.

For the technical details, this was taken with a Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm lens set at f1.8 at ISO 6400.