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seattle wedding photograph on the MV Skansonia
seattle wedding photograph on the MV Skansonia

I've been thinking for a while now that I want to start blogging more often with a single photograph with more detail about that one image. So I am starting today with this evening portrait of Elisabeth and Jeff.

After their wedding, Elisabeth, Jeff and I decided to sneak away for a few minutes. I actually love doing this. The couple is relaxed, happy, and usually ready for some time away from all the attention. My goal with this portrait was to create a photograph that showed the bond and feelings between Elisabeth and Jeff. To do that, I put them into a casual pose that put them quite close together. Then I told them to talk to each other and walked away. I took photographs as they talked. Getting a couple on their wedding day to connect and share their feelings with each other is just that easy. It is a joyous day in their lives.

For this image, I used an 85mm lens set at f2. I pretty much always have the 85mm on one of my cameras. The composition was created by seeing the horizontal line of the benches and getting low to make it a diagonal line that leads to the subject. Then I put the couple on the right hand third of the image.

You can see more photographs of Elisabeth and Jeff and their wedding on the MV Skansonia here.