Pam & Leland!

Pam and Leland planned their destination wedding in Seattle!  They had their rehearsal dinner at Salty's on Alki and had their wedding the next day at Weddings by the Sound in Redondo.  They were obviously very much in love and were a lot of fun.  Here are a few images. To see the slideshow with the new website, you go to the website, click on the “View Proofs” link and type in the names of the couple, which is “pamleland”. pam-leland-rd-023.jpg The view from Salty's. pam-leland-rd-029.jpg Fancy flashwork to get them and view in without blowing out the background. pam-leland-rd-069.jpg Seagull waiting for dinner.  He didn't get his own plate. pam-leland-023.jpg Leland getting ready for the wedding. pam-leland-054.jpg The rings. pam-leland-188.jpg Leland directing traffic just before the wedding. pam-leland-236.jpg The adorable little chapel - 30 people fit only because they kept one door closed! pam-leland-273.jpg Mixing sand in a unity celebration. pam-leland-300.jpg Portrait on the beach.  I love the clouds. pam-leland-362.jpg Reactions during the toast of the "Best Woman". pam-leland-519.jpg Pam, Leland and their treasured Samoyeds taken back at the hotel after the wedding.

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