Susan & Rod's Anniversary!

Susan and Rod recently had their 25th anniversary party at the Herb Farm in Woodinville. I have shot many times at Willows Lodge, which is across the driveway, but never at the Herb Farm. It is an amazing place serving some astounding food and wine. Rod and Susan were a great couple surrounded by family and friends. Here are a few images. To see the slideshow with the new website, you go to the website, click on the “View Proofs” link and type in the names of the couple, which is “susanrod”. susan-rod-006.jpg

The Herb Farm is both country and elegant.


One of the owners out picking herbs in the garden for dinner.


Susan & Rod's son Aaron. Susan told me she cried when she saw this photograph of her son!


The man of the hour, Rod.


The guests were so hungry, they started eating the flowers! Actually, this is during the garden tour and tulips are edible and sometimes used in the dishes prepared by the Herb Garden chefs.


Susan greeting and talking with her guests. susan-rod-111.jpg

Susan and Rod in the garden.




The incredible Herb Garden interior.


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