Robert - The Scientist | Seattle Environmental Portraits

I met with Robert to do some environmental portraits in Seattle. Robert is a scientist. He has done research, teaching and now is helping other scientists write grants. Here are the portraits we created! 002-seattle-environmental-portraits

We started with a simple b&w portrait outside.

003-seattle-environmental-portraits the lab! Talking petri dishes out of the fridge.


Doing something in the hood with the sampling thingy, which I'm sure has a name.


Then on to some gene sequencing. You know, because we can.


Then, I had to get all scientific with my gear. You can see two blue flash units I put in the background. The sneaky part is that those flash units have no coloring to them and are using daylight colored light output, but they look blue in the photographs. :)



I really like this photograph of Robert that I photographed through some of the gear in the lab.