FAQ’s answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

We call it “Creating Emotional Photostories”. Cory shoots beautiful, dramatic, storytelling images for our amazing couples. The vast majority of the day, Cory will be hanging out with you and taking photographs of real people, real events, and real emotions. Cory is easy-going, friendly and competent, so having him around helps make your day stress free. Usually, there is also one or two hours during the day where he will put you into a specific spot to create some amazing portraits. Even these are done with the same easy-going, fun, and energetic way that Cory approaches the rest of the day so that the couple can relax and look natural and real. What you end up with is a beautifully curated and processed set of images that tell the story of the love the couple feels for each other, their family and their friends as well as the awesome event they had to celebrate it!

Do you offer a photobooth?

Yes. Photobooths are very fun and entertaining. My daughter and her boyfriend run a photobooth business called Alex+Alyssa. My clients get a discount.

How long does it take to get our images?

We work hard to have the shortest delivery time we can while maintaining the highest quality. The official answer is six weeks after your wedding, but we try to get them out quicker. Sometimes we will put up a sneak peek of a couple of cool images.

Why do you photograph weddings?

Weddings are the most challenging and fun thing to photograph. On the day of the wedding, we get to be the landscape, architectural, still life, portrait and documentary photographer. A wedding photographer has to do it all quickly and right the first time. Add to that all the human interaction, relationship drama with family and friends, the intense emotions, and stress of everyone involved. We can’t think of a single type of photography that would be more challenging or nearly as rewarding.

How many images will we receive?

A lot. We generally deliver between 500 and 1200 images from a wedding depending on what is planned and how long Cory is shooting. We take thousands of images on your wedding day. We cut out all the images where you, your family or friends don’t look good. Like when grandma partly closes one eye and looks like she’s heavily buzzed at 10 a.m., that image gets cut. If grandma is actually smashed at 10 a.m., we’re definitely keeping that one. Once we have curated the gallery to just the excellent images, we spend a few days to a week processing, tweaking and generally prettifying your images. When you receive them, you will have hundreds of beautiful images that tell the story of your day.

Who is Cory?

Cory is a photographer in Seattle with over 20 years of professional shooting experience. He is also a nice guy that is really easy to work with.

Cory first thought of becoming a professional photographer when he was five. He has been actively pursuing a career as a photographer since he was 15. He studied photojournalism and journalism in college. He spent over 30 games on the sidelines of the Seattle Supersonics one season as a college intern.

Then some good stuff happened. He got married, had kids and now has the world’s greatest job as a professional photographer. He has an incredible family, an amazing wife, and a short commute. 

He has also won awards, taught some wedding photographers, mentored some others, written articles, been published and all those other things that photographers brag about. Yadda, yadda, you really only care what your images are going to look like, so check out some of our pretty pictures.




The Big Question: What If….?

No matter what it is, don’t worry, we've got you covered. Seriously. Anything that happens at your wedding can be handled and you will receive amazing images. Here are some examples.

What if our church decides to remodel, can you still get good images of us in the church during the renovation?

Yes. Done that.

What if it rains and everything is scheduled to be outdoors?

We are based in Seattle. No problem.

What if we are running late and there is only 15 minutes to do couple and family portraits?

We’ve done it in 12.

What if the ceremony is running two hours late?

Been there. No problem.

What if the police put up barricades in front of our wedding venue?

Done it. Made for some amusing photographs.

So…you probably get the point. We take the stress out of the “What if” question.

Do You Have Recommendations for Other Vendors?

Yes! Not a complete list, but you can find some of my friends, colleagues, acquaintances and people I have enjoyed working with in the past. Check it out on my Resources page.

How much do you charge?

Are you having a two-hour elopement on Tuesday afternoon or are you having a three-day event with 800 guests? We’ve handled both, so it is hard to say what your wedding will cost without know what your needs are. We can confidently say that it will be between $800 and $12,000. Probably. Luckily there is contact information right below this section. It’s easy to ask for a quote, and we promise we won’t bug you too much if you give us your email.

I’m convinced. How do I book you?

Awesome. Call, email, or use the handy contact form below. We can’t wait to work with you!

Call/Text: 206.778.8664
Email: c@coryparris.com

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