My Amazing Son and the Regional Spelling Bee!

I am incredibly proud of my son, Kyler. After winning his school spelling bee, he went to the Regional Spelling Bee in Seattle. He made it to the fifth round and was one of 10 remaining contestants for a spot in the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. His big goal going in was not to make a silly mistake in the first round, so he exceeded his goal.

He is truly a complete package and I couldn’t be more proud. In addition to his spelling prowess, he is also school president and captain of his select soccer team. Plus, look at how great looking he is! ;)


My Daughter and her 16th Birthday Party!

My daughter had her 16th birthday and her party last week.  I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new “studio”.  Alyssa shared her party with one her best friends, Emily.  Here are some photos of them in their party dresses before the bash!


The new “studio” is located just to right of my lawnmower….

Warning - She's Driving!

My little girl just got her instruction permit from the Washington State Department of Licensing. Below is a recent photo of my little Alyssa. I swear I took it not very long ago! I think they let them drive when they are way too young! A recent photo of my daughter, now driving.

To be honest, Alyssa is a great kid. Very hard-working, intelligent, funny, responsible, etc. The photo below is a photo from our recent trip to Arizona. She almost looks old enough to drive in this one. She has assisted me very competently at weddings. It is a pleasure to see what a great person she is turning into!

Seattle wedding photographer & the Christmas Tree!

We love Christmas.  The lights, the fun family memories, the presents, the excited kids – it’s all great!  We put up our tree the other day.  Here are a few images I took.  These were all taken with the combination of a Canon 5D and a 24 1.4L. 

holiday christmas ornaments by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisbeautiful woman decorating a christmas tree by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisCute little boy decorating a chrstmas tree by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisholiday ornaments with a 24 1.4 canon lens by seattle wedding photographer cory parristeenage girl decorating a christmas tree by seattle wedding photojournalist cory parrisred ball holiday christmas ornamentholiday star ornament by seattle wedding photographer cory parrisangel ornament by seattle wedding photographer cory parrischristmas tree out of focus

Christmas tree out of focus.  Just for fun, I spun the ring on the lens to make the tree be out of focus.  I thought it looked pretty cool!

Hard Rock Seattle!

I have a very good friend that is a manager at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle. Mat (pictured below) is not only a restaurant manager, but also a very talented wildlife photographer. If you happen to visit his site, you will see wildlife of the animal kind just to be clear. He invited my family down for a friends and family preview of the cafe, which was very cool. We also got a guided tour and my daughter was thrilled to be able to pick a couple songs to be played. The location and view from the rooftop deck is fantastic. Oh, and the food was good. I recommend the granny smith apple & provolone burger! :) The official opening is on Wednesday, February 10th. hard rock cafe seattle

the fender guitar hard rock cafe sign in seattle

The touch screen at the table

Alyssa rockin' the Hard Rock Stage

Mat, the manager at the Hard Rock.  Thanks for the invite, dude!

View from the rooftop deck

View from the rooftop deck of the hard rock seattle

View from the rooftop deck of the hard rock seattle

the upside down fender guitar sign at the hard rock seattle

Hard Rock Seattle sign near pike place market

The kids and the sign

Trees - A walk at the Mill Creek Town Center

I took a walk with my family at the Mill Creek Town Center. We each had a camera and took some images. Here are a couple I took and one by my nine year-old, Kyler. I will add some images from the rest of the family in the next couple of days. I'm helping each of the kids to process their images, so it is taking a little more time for them to get ready. Ky loves old cars, so he took an image of this old mustang as we walked by

I really liked this leafless tree.


For the photo-oriented, I shot with a 5D and my new 50 1.4 Sigma. I am very impressed with the Sigma 50 1.4. It is much sharper than the Canon 50 1.4 at f-stops more wide open than 2.0. The Canon is pretty good at 2.0 on and it is a toss-up there with a tie or slight edge to the Sigma at every f-stop I have tried. Ky's were taken with an old point and shoot. He's nine. :)

My kids!

Here is one of my favorites of my own kids from our holiday portrait session this year. I will making myself a large canvas from this image and a book of the images. mykids-1008.jpg

Easter with the kids!

We went to an Easter egg hunt with the kids on Saturday in Mill Creek. easter-1.jpg

The "hunting" was a not exactly difficult!


And they're off!

easter-3.jpg Evidently 30 seconds inside a fire truck IS worth a 20 minute wait! I must have forgotten.


easter-5.jpg Riley, avoiding the camera. Or trying because Dad is sneaky and good at catching him!

easter-6.jpg Ky looking through the bushes.

easter-7.jpg Alyssa with her eggs.

easter-8.jpg The bounce house is a source of four-year-old joy!

easter-9.jpg Easter morning baskets included light-up duckies.

easter-10.jpg Look at my new Dynaco (from the Cars movies) helicopter!

easter-11.jpg She found it!

easter-12.jpg The love of my life, the amazing and gorgeous Leslie Parris. She makes everything in my life better and sweeter! The sweeter thing is true in two ways because she likes to bake!

easter-13.jpg I don't remember getting cash on Easter when I was a kid. Leslie's parents always fill the plastic eggs with change and bills, however. A few years ago they were losing the candy-filled eggs. The squirrels near their house would take the eggs up the tree, open them, remove the candy and throw down the shells. Smart little guys. Asking for a refill never hurts, either.

easter-14.jpg A little egg dye.

easter-15.jpg Time to relax.


My son, Kyler, had to get some photographs together for his "kid of the week" poster this week at school. Here are the photos he chose, and I thought it would be fun to share some family stuff for a change!kyler-1.jpg

kyler-2.jpg Halloween, of course!

kyler-3.jpg Birthday boy.

kyler-4.jpg At the Museum of Flight

kyler-5.jpg Getting off of Air Force 1 at the Museum of Flight. Notice the Nixon pose with the peace signs. For those that don't know, Ky is the only 2nd grader I know that checks the political tracker on CNN every day.

kyler-6.jpg Ky & I at the MOF. We were in history/plane geek heaven.

kyler-7.jpg Ky opening a gift at the Olive Garden. Leslie and I met while we were both working at the OG almost 16 years ago! Now it is Kyler's favorite restaurant. He likes to get a monthly allowance of garlic in one sitting! :)

kyler-8.jpg First day of school this year with little brother, Rileykyler-8.jpg

kyler-9.jpg His undefeated soccer team this year. Ky started playing when he was three.


kyler-12.jpg Christmas morning. He got an electronic drum set. Whose idea was that?

kyler-13.jpg A couple years ago at Disneyland's California Adventure. Ky's favorite characters are Chip and Dale.


kyler-15.jpg Little man in goal.

Holiday Freaks!

So around the Parris household, we are what can be best described as holiday freaks. We put up our Christmas tree Saturday. Yes, we do know it is 5 days before Thanksgiving! This photograph of the tree was taken by my amazingly talented 12-year-old daughter!xmastree-alyssa.jpg