At Work Series | Eric

I love the work that people do and the images I can create when I photograph people working. So, I'm going to start a new series with a real simple title, "At Work". So much of our identities are about what we do. It is quite often the first question we ask each other when we meet, quite often something we are passionate about, but something we rarely think to have photographed. My idea is that I want to photograph people as they would appear at work. Environmental portraits are something that I have developed a passion for. Using the environment and surroundings to tell a story of who the subject is and what they do. Eric is the President of ESM Consulting Engineers. He and his team plan big stuff. Things like housing complexes and malls. How cool is that? Here is Eric doing his work. Planning what appears to be a housing development.

environmental corporate photography

Seattle Business Portraits | Corporate Photography

I really appreciate it when companies use great photographs. However, most companies save their great photographs for their products or the projects they have completed. They leave the photographs of their employees as either bland and boring, non-existent, or whatever snapshot the employee has on hand. DLR Group has done it differently. All over the country, they are having their photographs taken by hand-picked professionals to create great photographs of their employees that they not only show on their website, but feature on their website and all their proposals. It is a great way to help create a personal connection with their clients.

I am very happy to be the photographer for their Seattle office. Here is a few from our latest session. Each image is taken in a horizontal format with the subject on the left. You can see how some of my previous images are used on their Seattle staff page on their website.









Dr. Justin Klimisch | Executive Business Portraits in Seattle!

I love taking environmental business portraits. By using the surroundings that are common to the subject of a portrait, you can tell a lot of information about them. I met Dr. Justin Klimisch at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. We did the session on a Saturday so there would be far less people in the walkways, waiting rooms, and, most importantly, in the Operating Room. Here are some of the portraits we did of Dr. Klimisch for his website, self-promotion and hospital.

Business portraits of a Seattle doctor.