The Oregon Coast

So I'm in the midst of my annual summer vacation. Here are a few images. I'm still available by phone and email!01.jpg I love this image of my youngest showing off how high he can kick!

02.jpg For those of you that don't know, Leslie loves ice cream. It was all we could do to keep her from hijacking the truck!





09.jpg My middle showing off his amazing Tae Kwon Do skills. He has two stripes on his white belt, so y'all better watch out!

10.jpg The guy in orange is my brother-in-law, Scott. He finished up his doctorate in biochemistry this week. Way to go Doctor V.!

11.jpg A lovely portrait of me. This is included on this blog post for my mother. :)

14.jpg And a photo of my father-in-law. Most patient man in the world.

Safeco Field!

We lucked out on Saturday and went to a Mariner's game on the nicest day of the year! baseball-1.jpg Here's Ky enjoying some sugary fluff. At what age do adults stop liking that?

baseball-2.jpg The love of my life, Leslie. The most amazing wife any guy could ever hope to have. We also had our 14th wedding anniversary and her birthday this week.

baseball-3.jpg Riley watching Phineas and Ferb on my iPod. What a way to enjoy the game!

baseball-4.jpg Four years of dance and this is her idea of a move?

baseball-5.jpg What a gorgeous day.



Easter with the kids!

We went to an Easter egg hunt with the kids on Saturday in Mill Creek. easter-1.jpg

The "hunting" was a not exactly difficult!


And they're off!

easter-3.jpg Evidently 30 seconds inside a fire truck IS worth a 20 minute wait! I must have forgotten.


easter-5.jpg Riley, avoiding the camera. Or trying because Dad is sneaky and good at catching him!

easter-6.jpg Ky looking through the bushes.

easter-7.jpg Alyssa with her eggs.

easter-8.jpg The bounce house is a source of four-year-old joy!

easter-9.jpg Easter morning baskets included light-up duckies.

easter-10.jpg Look at my new Dynaco (from the Cars movies) helicopter!

easter-11.jpg She found it!

easter-12.jpg The love of my life, the amazing and gorgeous Leslie Parris. She makes everything in my life better and sweeter! The sweeter thing is true in two ways because she likes to bake!

easter-13.jpg I don't remember getting cash on Easter when I was a kid. Leslie's parents always fill the plastic eggs with change and bills, however. A few years ago they were losing the candy-filled eggs. The squirrels near their house would take the eggs up the tree, open them, remove the candy and throw down the shells. Smart little guys. Asking for a refill never hurts, either.

easter-14.jpg A little egg dye.

easter-15.jpg Time to relax.


My son, Kyler, had to get some photographs together for his "kid of the week" poster this week at school. Here are the photos he chose, and I thought it would be fun to share some family stuff for a change!kyler-1.jpg

kyler-2.jpg Halloween, of course!

kyler-3.jpg Birthday boy.

kyler-4.jpg At the Museum of Flight

kyler-5.jpg Getting off of Air Force 1 at the Museum of Flight. Notice the Nixon pose with the peace signs. For those that don't know, Ky is the only 2nd grader I know that checks the political tracker on CNN every day.

kyler-6.jpg Ky & I at the MOF. We were in history/plane geek heaven.

kyler-7.jpg Ky opening a gift at the Olive Garden. Leslie and I met while we were both working at the OG almost 16 years ago! Now it is Kyler's favorite restaurant. He likes to get a monthly allowance of garlic in one sitting! :)

kyler-8.jpg First day of school this year with little brother, Rileykyler-8.jpg

kyler-9.jpg His undefeated soccer team this year. Ky started playing when he was three.


kyler-12.jpg Christmas morning. He got an electronic drum set. Whose idea was that?

kyler-13.jpg A couple years ago at Disneyland's California Adventure. Ky's favorite characters are Chip and Dale.


kyler-15.jpg Little man in goal.

Holiday Freaks!

So around the Parris household, we are what can be best described as holiday freaks. We put up our Christmas tree Saturday. Yes, we do know it is 5 days before Thanksgiving! This photograph of the tree was taken by my amazingly talented 12-year-old daughter!xmastree-alyssa.jpg

Vote for our Gallery Wrap Sample!

My wife and I are having trouble deciding what we want on our wall to show off our cool, new gallery wrap print option. Gallery wraps are giclee printed onto canvas and stretched around a wooden frame with the image actually wrapping around the frame. Then it is hung without any other frame. Very cool. Anyway, back to the point. We have these photographs of our kids. We are planning on having one printed as a 24x36 and hung here at the house, which also doubles as the studio showroom. Since we can't make a decision, we thought we would ask our faithful readers to vote for their favorite. I also found this little voting poll gadget to make it easy!


#1 - The horizontal


#2 The goofy vertical


#3 - the Feet


#4 - Skip the 24x36 group photo and get three 20x30 individual portraits.


This image of my kids just seemed so creepy to me.  Like it should be the cover of a horror movie.  Anyway, that's what I saw in it! halloweencreepy.jpg

Early morning, at least for me!

So the other morning I had to get Kyler to soccer.  As I was getting ready for the day, which also included a portrait session in Leavenworth, I was packing the car.  I had the camera in my hand and noticed the spiderwebs all over between the bushes, so I took this image.  I consider it to be my reward for actually being outside before 9:00 on a cold weekend.  If that sounds pathetic, I do work nights about one night a week! spiderweb.jpg


pumpkins.jpg Yes, that is my family that the arrow is pointing to!  Three little pumpkins, a wife and a couple of in-laws!

We went to the pumpkin patch today and had a great time picking the pumpkins, carving, hay-ride, and every hayfeever sufferer's favorite, the hay maze!

pumpkinattitude.jpg A little pint-sized attitude.


Pumpkin snarl.

pumpkinfreeride.jpg Free ride.



Here is an image of Blackbird Island in the Wenatchee River a couple of blocks from downtown Leavenworth that I took this afternoon. blackbirdisland.jpg